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Experience the power of combined intelligence. Maximum advantage with cost effective rates… just within your reach!

1300 West IT.  Maximizing technological innovation is the distinguishing factor that makes our group unique.

We are an inter-collaboration of IT teams that passionately work together for 100% quality services. As a web of connections, we share skills, expertise and knowledge to help you attain greater heights of success. Our team is developed to share and maximize the latest and most effective trends behind every product offerings and service websites- making you always the top of the line.



We started with a group of veterans, and currently growing to a large group of freelancers. Everyone is working together to build greater solutions and everyone aims no less than your satisfaction.  At 1300 West IT, you can avail so much because we emerge within the cloud of combined intelligence and you also benefit from this web of inter-connections, skills and expertise. In this way, solutions are channeled and resources are shared in order to supply you with a complete solution.



We are always looking at new styles and approaches and look at each assignment as a new design. We can also integrate your site with other companies such as Facebook or Twitter that expands your horizons beyond.



Thanks to our award-winning Combined Intelligence technology, clients who come to us, can instantly share and benefit from the systematic information, automatically gains improving service across all connected teams with 1300 West IT. By leveraging team knowledge, our technology provides superior, effective facility with cost effective rates, leading to a faster and more resourceful outcomes. Want maximum innovation? Contact 1300 West IT and enjoy your own world!


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